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We are thrilled to announce that Bonnie Plants is sponsoring the 2015 Conference Scholarship Awards and Proven Winners will be sponsoring the 2015 Garden Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Awards!

Brought to You by DesignSherpa, the Organizers of Design Bloggers Conference

Garden Bloggers Conference is returning to Atlanta, Georgia in 2015 and will be collocated with Design Bloggers Conference.  Here’s your opportunity to join garden bloggers, new media innovators, and garden and landscape design leaders for the second Garden Bloggers Conference – the premier conference and experience for professionals actively using or interested in learning about new media and the garden and landscape design industry. This two-day conference  brings you a unique opportunity to participate in the intersection of gardening with the world of new media including blogging, social media, and more. We invite all our fellow garden bloggers to attend!


The Garden Bloggers Conference is the only conference specifically focused on the interests of bloggers on garden and landscape design. Learn how to build a stellar personal brand for yourself, your blog, and your career. Discover how to build and engage your audience with information and inspiration on multiple platforms, using a variety of business models and marketing channels. Meet potential advertisers, make critical connections, meet the icons of the gardening and traditional media, and learn about exciting new products. Learn from the most accomplished bloggers, and network with connections to your future.


  • Garden bloggers – individuals, small businesses, associations, or other organizations
  • Garden writers
  • Garden enthusiasts or aspiring gardeners or garden and landscape designers
  • Landscape designers and architects
  • Flower and edible gardeners
  • Plantsmen and nurserymen
  • Horticulturists and botanists
  • Organic gardeners
  • Suppliers to the garden and landscape community

Garden Bloggers Conference Highlights

Missed our first Garden Bloggers Conference? We figured that we couldn’t summarize the conference any better than our attendees, so hope you’ll enjoy this collection of their highlights, recaps and key takeaways from the conference.

robin-horton-final227What an honor it was to be a part of this first Garden Bloggers Conference. It totally exceeded my expectations in all ways, something I heard echoed by many.  The conference was a superb balance of education, inspiration, networking, and fun. As organizers and hosts, you set the tone for the relaxed low-key but professional atmosphere, an important and distinguishing characteristic of this conference that I think sets it apart from some other conferences in which I have participated or presented. Robin Horton,  Founder and Publisher, Urban Gardens

Garden Bloggers Conference Takeaways

gbc-obsessive-neurotic-gardener-photo-600It has been over a week since I last posted (heresy, I know) but there was a good reason for the lack of activity. I just returned from the Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, GA and I am still riding the high from the event. It can be difficult to describe the energy and excitement of a conference to others who were not in attendance (no, I ain’t going all Tony Robbins on you) but I am going to do my best to share what I took away from the conference from a personal level and how this blog may benefit as a result (suspense officially created). Read more

Refreshing New Inspirations

champagne-toast-ilonaYes, it is true. Old Bloggers learn new tricks, and find refreshing new inspiration from meeting together.  After being at this Garden Bloggers Conference I am convinced of that.  It is always fun to meet with a group of like-minded people, but I think it is less usual to have that plus lots of really helpful information, useful guidance, and entertaining speakers all together in one package. That is what I’ve experienced (along with delicious lunches and occasional glasses of wine). I think you should be jealous right about now, and maybe thinking of how to meet up in the same way the next time an opportunity arises…Read more

Heart Strings in the Garden and Garden Bloggers Conference

whitney-curtis-photo-400I was lucky enough to spend a few days earlier this week at the Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, GA with some talented garden writers and bloggers. Chatting with my fellow green thumbs, I was struck by the heritage of gardening and the consistency with which we shared, “Well, my mom was a big gardener” or “My father’s family had a farm” or “My grandmother grew the most amazing roses.” It was neat to hear how everyone came to the same hobby, with fond memories and heart strings firmly attached.  Read more

Ten Things You Can’t Fake

Image by Ann Bilowz - photoGeorge Keller once said, “To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” So what do you think is on the top ten list of what you can’t fake? I just gave away a big hint. As for the other nine, well, that’s up to you to shout some back.

But here’s where the ‘Annie’ thought process is going this morning – it’s probably the most valuable lesson I brought away from the first #gardenblogconf. Can you guess what it is? It’s on my top ten things of what you can’t fake. It seems intuitive and commonsense but you can’t fake creativity. Read more

Garden Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Award Winner

paul-dysinger-hofHey friends, I just returned last week from the first ever garden bloggers conference down in Atlanta where we had a couple days packed full with great garden blogging info. But, I’ll have to say the highlight for me was to be able to connect with some of the other leaders in the online gardening world! And here’s some credit to Digital Sherpa for helping give the conference a real down-to-earth family feel. It was a pleasure. Read more

Blog Clinic at the Garden Bloggers Conference

DigitalSherpa_Blog_Clinic_photoEarlier this week I had the pleasure of working the DigitalSherpa Blog Clinic during the first annual Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta. During the two days I spent assessing attendees websites and social media, I began to see a few common trends. Thankfully, they were all relatively easy fixes. In case you’re in the same boat as a small business owner, marketer, or blogger, I wanted to share these challenges and how you can go about fixing them quickly and affordably. Read more

Garden Bloggers Conference

newheader2- growing with plantsThis past week, I did take some personal time away from both my garden and my job, to attend a garden blogging conference in Atlanta, which ended up being not what I expected at all ( in a great way!). I was able to meet some amazing people in the plant world ( Dan Hinkley, of course) and in the blogging world some of the other most active and friendly garden bloggers you could ever imagine – such as ( Amy Stewart from Garden Rant, Rochelle Greayer from Studio G, (who is also my neighbor!), the stunning Teresa O’Connor of Seasonal Wisdom, gorgeous Robin Plaskoff Horton of Urban Gardens, the lovely and sweet Dee Nash from Red Dirt Ramblings  and yes, the equally stunning, sweet and gorgeous Hank Jenkins of Plant ProvocateurRead more


  • Discover what tremendously successful bloggers have done to get where they are today.
  • Explore how to build your brand.
  • Get 21 Useful Tips for Digital Content Marketing to Build Your Business and Personal Brand: Blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz
  • Gain insights on how to stay relevant, things to do or not do, and how to make your blog interesting.
  • Indentify blogging strategies and how these strategies can immediately apply to your business to get more qualified traffic and drive readers to action.
  • How traditional media is adapting to the challenge of new media, and what you can learn from traditional media in terms of audience, content, and marketing strategy.
  • Connecting with users: What you should know about search and analytics.
  • Build your business through inbound marketing.
  • How photography can help you build your brand, differentiate your blog, and build traffic on your website.

DBC-FB-ICONBrought to you by the organizers and presenters of Design Bloggers Conference – now in its fifth year and a runaway success!
Garden Bloggers Conference is modeled after the Design Bloggers Conference and will be collocated with Design Bloggers Conference in 2015 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia.







  1. I’m thrilled to hear about this conference and look forward to attending this Fall! Check out my Gangster Gardens blog when you have a chance :) -Emily

    • Hi Emily,
      So happy to hear that you are attending! Look forward to meeting you and will check out your blog!

  2. Am so disappointed that I cannot attend – will be finishing up another garden-related conference on the West coast at that time. Great lineup of speakers and sponsors!

    Check out my Form and Foliage blog – it would have been so much fun to hear from other bloggers. Maybe next year.


    • Hi Sara,
      We are so sorry that you won’t be able to join us this year. Really like your site and your creativity of adding more trees and shrubs in a garden landscape. Hope that we can meet at our event next year!

  3. My wife and I have a 1-yr old garden blog (Tyrant Farms, named lovingly for the benevolent tyrant I married) focused on permaculture & organic gardening. We’re digital media professionals by trade and we’re right up the road in Greenville, SC. We’d LOVE to come to this conference, but we have family flying in to see us the week of that week. There’s only one solution: she (The Tyrant) demands that you reschedule your conference!

    • Hi Aaron,
      That is so disappointing you are unable to join us this year but please stay tuned for our announcement of next year’s dates and venue! My apologies to you and The Tryant!

  4. Sounds great but I’m in Australia!!!

  5. This sounds like an amazing conference! I have been garden blogging for my own blog and for several years and would love to attend. I will be returning from Europe that week, and wish I had more notice. I remember when there was one in NC and I missed that one as well due to vacation plans. Are the conferences always the third week of September?

    • Hi Robert,
      This is the first year for the Garden Bloggers Conference. Stay tuned for our announcement for the 2014 event. Hope to see you then!

    • Robert may be thinking of the Garden Bloggers Fling which had their gathering in Ashville NC in 2012. They have been meeting annually since 2008.

  6. I am a landscape designer and as of yet do not have a blog. I feel I need to get out of the dirt, come inside, log onto the computer and get on board with the world of social media and the benefits of blogging. I’m considering attending your conference but if its focused on the experienced blogger, I will be lost with the terminology, etc? Is this conference for me?

  7. will be there! As a new blogger I am looking forward to learning from all the experts speaking at the conference. Great idea to have a garden bloggers conference.

    • Hi Amy,
      So delighted to hear you are attending and you like the concept! I am sure that you will learn not only from the conference presenters but also from other bloggers who will be attending! Sharing is an integral part of this community and we are happy to provide a forum for garden and landscape designers. Looking forward to meeting you in person in Atlanta!

  8. Unfortunately the conference conflicts with me judging the National Mini Rose Show. Otherwise I would be there to meet everyone and introduce my new blog, The Dirt Diaries ( See you in 2014!

  9. How fun! I wish I could attend since you’ll be in my backyard (almost). Y’all have fun!

  10. Ah the school year has begun and for school gardens, children and harvest, the time is precious. I will promise to attend in 2014 with some exciting new adventures and ventures and project for the kids.. Best of luck. Send me some photos and links and a press release for our sites.
    GardenGreenAngels,.com. (I will be in Charleston, but Geogia will be on my mind!)

    • Good luck as the new school year begins. We would love to hear about all the projects that Garden Green Angels is doing for children and we’ll pass along the highlights of our event. Looking forward to meeting you in 2014!

  11. Looking forward to attending and thrilled that the conference is located in Atlanta (my hometown)!
    I’m relatively new to garden blogging and am excited in growing as a blogger from your outstanding line up of garden bloggers/ speakers.
    See you soon!
    Brenda Addington/The Graceful Gardener

    • Hi Brenda,
      We are so delighted that you are participating and you’ll learn a lot from not only from the speakers but the bloggers who will be attending like yourself. You’ll also make memorable connections! See you in Atlanta!

  12. Very excited to attend the conference! The lineup of speakers looks fabulous–can’t wait!

  13. OMG! This conference rocks! I’m frantically trying to rearrange my schedule just so I can attend! I want to meet everyone there and listen to the incredible line up of speakers. wow… am totally aimed at going!

    • Hi Val,
      Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the event and the conference program!
      Hope you can rearrange your schedule and get the opportunity to meet all our bloggers in person!
      Don’t forget to vote for your favorite blog in our Hall of Fame awards if you haven’t already!

  14. Just heard about this and I am booked as a speaker at another conference. Dang! I am looking for good, quality writers who would like to contribute to my site in exchange for promotion, etc. Please keep me posted on future events, and if there is a place to let writers know I am looking for good content on gorwing food, please let them I know I am looking. This would have been a perfect networking event!

  15. Drooling at the thought of joining…but it just won’t work out this year. Any way to join select sessions via WebEx or some other tool? Or how about a virtual conference next year?

    • Hi Janet,
      Meeting other bloggers, customers, and peers face-to-face, interacting, and networking is a key factor in our event so we won’t offer a virtual or online experience.
      Watch for our 2014 event announcements and hope to meet you then!

  16. Really excited to be attending this! Very jazzed to learn such a group is forming and coming together. Cannot wait to get involved!

  17. We are working hard to prep for the GBC , so excited to see all of you guys !

    counting the days !



  18. Looks like this will be a fantastic event! The conference will be very exciting and expertly run. Cora wants to skip her birthday celebration to attend!

  19. Thanks Ted!
    By the way, can Cora please have a “do over” on her birthday party? I want to celebrate too!

  20. I just found you through one of my favorite garden bloggers, Teresa O’Conner! Sounds like a fantastic event! I am hoping that I’ll be able to attend next year! Visit me at

  21. Thank you to all the people that made the conference a very interesting and en-lighting experience. I will definitely come next year! Now to start my blog : )

    • Hi Laurin,
      So happy that you found the event both enjoyable and educational — that is what we like to hear!
      Good luck on your blog and remember if you need some encouragement along the way you can reach out to the DigitalSherpa team you met at the Blog Clinic.

      All the best and look forward to sharing at the next Garden Bloggers Conference.

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