2015 Testimonials

A HUGE THANKS to our attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors for making 2015 the BEST yet!

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We thank Bonnie Plants is sponsoring the 2015 Conference Scholarship Awards and Proven Winners for sponsoring the 2015 Garden Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Awards! Congratulations to the 2015 Garden Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Winners!

Garden Bloggers Conference 2015 Highlights

We are very thankful and thrilled to have hosted the 2015 Garden Bloggers Conference. If you missed the event we figured that we couldn’t summarize the conference any better than YOU, our attendees, so here you’ll find a collection of the highlights, recaps, and key takeaways from the conference, along with lots of photos. Hope to see you next year!

Blogger, design, interior designA special shout-out to one of our Garden Bloggers who traveled the farthest to attend the Conference – Sarah O’Neil, Sarah the Gardener, flew 36 hours from New Zealand! Adam Japko, Garden Blogger and Design Blogger Founder, presented Sarah with 2 bottles of bubbly to celebrate which Sarah graciously shared later with her new American friends at the Garden Bloggers Conference.

Introducing some new friends from Garden Bloggers Conference 2015
by Deb Neyens

GBC- kfp-selfie-stick“All of the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.” Geoff Lawton, permaculturist.

When Rochelle Greayer flashed that quote across the big screen in a ballroom at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead, I felt a surge of emotion rising from my chest. I looked around me, surreptitiously dabbed the tears from my eyes, and knew exactly why those words had moved me so.

I was sitting in a room full of people who, like me, absolutely believe them to be true. And that, in a nutshell, is my experience at Garden Bloggers Conference 2015. Read more.

Why Attend a Garden Blogger Conference:The Party
by Brenda Haas

Garden Blogger Conference After Party EventRemember that song by 80’s sensation The Rovers – “Wasn’t That A Party”? I was 11 when that song hit the charts on Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 and the catchy lyrics still haunt me. Last week I was at the Garden Blogger Conference presented by Esteem Media in Atlanta Georgia and let me tell you my head feels like a football not because of the drinks that were provided at the event but the content that was presented. I’m pleasantly over whelmed with all the marketing, branding, social media and overall information about making my site reach it’s potential. One day at a time – so I really hope you will subscribe to my site to see it evolve! Read more.

A Week in Photos from the Garden Bloggers Conference February 25th – 27th
by Lisa Steele

testimonial-lisa-steelsThis past week I spent a few days in Atlanta at the Garden Bloggers Conference. I was so honored to have been asked to speak at the conference, sharing a stage with the likes of Nate Berkus, Bunny Williams, Sara Bendrick from DIY Network’s I Hate my Yard, Rochelle Greayer author of Cultivating Garden Style and Brett Vankoski, the founder of the wine enterprise Ninety+ Cellars (yes there was wine served during that segment!) along with so many other great speakers and bloggers. Read more.

Garden Bloggers are the nicest people
by Sarah O’Neil, Sarah the Gardener

testimonial-sarah-oneilI am upside down, back the front and a day behind where I belong. Add to the discombobulation of international travel I have absorbed so much new knowledge my head is all in a whirl. I have made so many new friends, and many that weren’t more than thumbnail icons to me, yet I felt like I already knew them, so faces and names came to life. However there were so many that I need to sit down with all my exchanged business cards and look up their blogs and reconnect thumbnails images with memories of laughter shared. Read more.

Celebrating One Year and the Garden Bloggers Conference
by Kristyn

testimonial-plant-geeksI can’t fill you in on the event without first telling you how we found ourselves holding passes. We actually came across the conference by chance in a Google search. After looking into it, of course we wanted to attend. Without the Bonnie Plants scholarship, it wouldn’t have been possible for us. To enter, you had to have an active blog for at least 6 months and write a letter describing your blog and why you felt you deserved the scholarship. We submitted ourselves just under the deadline. Days later, we were notified that we had been selected! Even though, it was initially just for one of us, a dance party ensued. Read more.

Keyhole Gardening and GBC Giveaway

testimonial-keyhole-gardeningLast week I attended the Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta. It was a whirlwind few days of meeting new people, learning great techniques, and connecting with all kinds of garden-related companies and services. It was also my lucky weekend because I connected with a GREAT giveaway ~ a keyhole garden from Vita Gardens! (See above.) Please pardon the staged promo photo (no that’s not my husband), but for now it’s the only way I could show you this awesome addition to my small space garden. Read more.

And the Winner for “Best New Garden Blog” is…
by Doug Scott

testimonial-GBC-HOFThat’s right…we won Best New Garden Blog at the 2015 Garden Bloggers Conference last week…whoop, whoop!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to be there to receive the award in person…but I asked fellow chicken-lover and blogger friend Deb Neyens (Counting My Chickens) to let me know once it was announced. And she did…within seconds…thanks Deb!

Thanks to you too…for voting and for being on this RYG journey with us this past year. It’s been a wild ride…but one we’re so glad to be on. And we’re really looking forward to seeing where 2015 takes us! Read more.


Blogger, design, interior designNate Berkus wowed us as our opening keynote speaker.

Nate is a decorator, product designer and author. His interior design firm, which he founded in 1995, designs interiors across the country and around the world. In Fall 2012, Nate brought his branded line of home goods and accessories to Target stores nationwide, and his fabric collections are available at Fabricut, Calico and Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores. He was the host, judge and executive producer on NBC’s “American Dream Builders” in 2014. Nate’s interiors, and design expertise, have garnered national press in publications such as Elle Decor , Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Us Weekly, People, O Magazine, Lucky and InStyle, among others.

Nate joined our stellar speaker line-up which featured Bunny Williams, Shawna Coronado, Marcus Sheridan and more!


Bunny Williams


Shawna Coronado


Marcus Sheridan

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