Rochelle Greayer to Speak at Garden Bloggers Conference


rochelle-greayer-429Rochelle Greayer is the author of Cultivating Garden Style (Timber Press, September 2014) as well as the founder and editor of Pith + Vigor, a literary newspaper and online magazine for garden enthusiasts. In addition, she is the creator of the popular blog Studio ‘g’, named one of the top ten gardening blogs by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens and; co-founder and editor of Leaf Magazine, a digital design magazine for garden makers; and a weekly columnist (The Gardenist) for Apartment Therapy, “one of the most influential interior design sites on the Web” according to Forbes magazine.pith-vigor cover-200px

A graduate of the English Gardening School in London, she has been designing gardens for private residences and hotels around the world since 2002. A lover of fresh homegrown food, she is also one of the founders of the Harvard Farmers Market, the largest weekly farmers market in central Massachusetts. Prior to her garden design and writing career, Rochelle was a physicist rocket scientist (yes, really), riding in the cockpits of F-14s and F-18s and helping launch Russia’s first commercial satellite.

Prior to writing her first solo book, Cultivating Garden Style (Timber Press, September 2014), in 2012 she was featured in Luke Dixon’s Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities and in 2004 and 2005 she worked with Rosemary Alexander to co-author The Essential Garden Design Workbook and The Garden Makers Manual.

Rochelle Greayer to Speak at Garden Bloggers Conference

rochelle-greayer-429Rochelle Greayer is a  Landscape Designer, Studio ‘g’ Chief and Founder, Super Mom Wannabe, Farmers’ Market Manageress, and the Editor & Co-Founder of Leaf Magazine. Rochelle admits she’s had a few careers.  The highlights (in no particular order): Mach 1.2 in the back seat of an F-14, launching Russia’s first commercial satellite, and planting a giant Sequoia tree

Other Stuff: Love ‘Truck Songs’ – a super special mix tape heard only in her flare side Ford pick-up while on plant buying and flea market adventures. Still relishes the day she was mistaken for Gwyneth Paltrow. She know that there is nothing better than Colorado roots, Montana blood and a rancher’s sensibility. If it is in the plant kingdom and its chartreuse, or grassy, or both – she wants it. Can’t own enough pairs of Seven jeans. Thinks Rhinestone Cowboy and Grease were two of the best things about the 70s. Wears Sambas to garden and Hunters to work. Endless wanderlust will forever keep her in good supply of cocktail stories.

Past lives include stints as a Physicist Rocket Scientist, Pizza Maker, and Literary Agent Assistant.